• What is a vehicle wrap?

Wraps come in all different shapes & sizes. Wraps start as large sheets of adhesive backed vinyl film designed specifically for vehicle application made available in a variety of styles & finishes. Some wraps are a full-color change in matte, satin or gloss finishes, as well as chrome, “carbon fiber” look, and beyond. Vehicle wraps can also consist of printed designs containing imagery, photos, graphics, or branded elements to represent a business or group, or as “accents” on vehicle features like trim, spoilers, hoods, roofs, and trunks. Truly, the possibilities are endless; recent advancements in vinyl production technology has also opened up the possibilities to textured vehicle wraps like leather, alligator, snakeskin, or holographic & 3D films!

  • How much do vehicle wraps cost?

Every vehicle & application is different, so price really depends on the scope of your vehicle wrap project. A complete wrap includes door jambs, inner door frames, and sills — this level of vehicle coverage is recommended for those who desire a full-color change and is obviously the most costly. Partial wraps without jambs, frames, and sills are cheaper but ultimately will not have the same illusion as full coverage applications. All of our prices listed are base prices and will vary depending on the vehicle type, surface complexity, and film used. For a more precise quote, contact us with more information about your wrap project.


Wrap life span really depends on how well the film is cared for, how much day to day stress the wrap gets from road driving, and what quality of film was used to do the installation. Some films last longer than others, and the thicker they are the more damage they can take. We’ve wrapped vehicles that see plenty of road & track time, and their films have survived more that 5 years without needing parts re-installed or failing entirely.


As the age old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Our prices reflect the quality of work that goes into each installation, and our installs are incredibly thorough & time consuming. Speedy & cheap installs typically lead to cars being bladed up, films not being properly applied or given enough time to breathe, and ultimately a shorter life span for the wrap. Also, most installers will not offer any sort of warranty if the wrap film fails or was applied improperly. Not only do we make sure that your vehicle’s exterior is spotlessly clean to ensure proper adhesion and no film failure, but we also go the distance in disassembling your vehicle prior to wrapping. That means no unnecessary seams, no bad cuts, or messy edges. If the film we supplied fails, bring it in and we’ll make it right until you’re satisfied with the results.


Printed, branded, and customized vehicle wraps are something we specialize in. If you already have a design mocked up and simply need to get film printed and applied, or you want us to take it all the way from concept to completion, we would be glad to assist in bringing your personal or company fleet vehicles up to spec


We typically don’t stock much vinyl other than what is necessary for current projects. Since we work with such a diverse range of clientele with a wide array of tastes and styles, we install just about every type of film on the market (and some custom ones too!) 3M, Avery, Oracal, Hexus, KPMF, you name it, we’ve used it. If there’s a specific film you want to use, let us know and we’ll find it for your vehicle at the best price available. We can even special order a one-off film, create a custom printed design, or track down something unique if you really want to break away from the pack!


If the wrap is our primary focus, turn around time can be as short as a week or less depending on complexity. Stripes, graphics & accent pieces can typically be completed in 24 – 72 hours, but exterior wraps or full-color changes with door jambs will take considerably longer. Since we’re a fully functioning detail shop with more than just wraps on our plate, installation times will vary depending on the project and when it’s scheduled. If you’re on a deadline or want to expedite your install, just let us know what the time frame is and we’ll factor it in when we set up your appointment.!


Most definitely. While it is a bit of a tedious process to undertake, we offer wrap removal services as well as installation and would be happy to assist. Contact us with more information about what type of wrap you would like to have removed & we’ll help you get back to fresh paint!


Gloss Wrap is the most similar in look to paint. For this reason, it is also the most frequently overlooked vehicle wrap choice. It is this resemblance to paint that makes striking and satisfying at the same time. If you want a paint-like appearance this is the auto wrap choice for you, as the difference is virtually indistinguishable to the naked eye. It looks and shines like paint, but is a reversible finish.


Chrome Wrap is reflective and glistening and gleams like a mirror. And if you want a shine that is mesmerizing and distinct you should choose the eye-catching finish of chrome wrap. The type of finish chrome wrap achieves can not be accomplished with automotive paint. At SGP Motorsports our chrome is available in a variety of tints. If you want an original chrome, we have it, but we carry a variety of shades as well, from black chrome wrap to pink chrome, and every shade between.


For a finish that will make people want to feel it to believe it, choose a satin or matte finish. The unique appearance of the silky smooth satin or matte finishes offered by Impressive Wrap Las Vegas carry with them a range of possibilities unattainable by automotive paint. The subtle twist in the clear coat is what makes this such a popular choice in auto wrap finishes.


The appealing finish to brushed metals, such as stainless steel and brushed nickel is easily achieved with the brushed metal wraps at Impressive Wrap Las Vegas. Whether you want to achieve this look on interior trim or the entire exterior of your vehicle, we are the only company you should trust to complete your design. Using only the highest grade brushed materials that not only carry unique colors, but that also carry this signature brushed texture is what separates us from the competition.