Once you have removed the wheels from the car, you then need to remove the front struts in order to swap out the stock springs for the H&R Lowering Springs.

Jack the car up.

Remove the bolt that connects the strut to the end link for the front sway bar under the wheel arch.

Grab hold of the end link at the back and attach a 16mm wrench. 

Remove the bolt with an impact gun, push the end link out of the way and replace the bolt to keep it safe.

Step two

Remove the 18mm bolt connecting the strut to the wheel knuckle.  This can be found on a bracket at the back of the wheel knuckle.

Step three

Open the hood and remove the three bolts that hold the strut into the strut tower.  This will cause the strut to drop down from under the wheel arch.

Step four

Remove the entire strut.  This may take some time and effort to get the strut out of the knuckle but using spring compressors on the stock spring can help.

Step five

Push the wheel knuckle back into place and take the pressure off the ball joint by lifting up the knuckle with a jack.

Step six

Compress the spring with the spring compressors, closing them as far as you can.  Go back and forth between each side of the spring, closing each compressor evenly. 

Step seven

Remove the cap from the middle of the hat on top of the strut.

Loosen the nut and take it out.  Remove the hat, seal, and washer and take off the metal cap. 

Step eight

Back off the tension on the spring by evenly loosening the spring compressors then remove the stock spring from the strut.

Step nine

Put the H&R Lowering Spring onto the strut and compress with the spring compressors.

Step ten

Replace the metal cap, washer and seal and place the hat on top.  Replace the bolt and tighten the nut.  Release the tension in the spring compressors and continue to tighten the nut.

Step eleven

Align the three screws at the top with the three holes on the strut tower under the hood.  Guide the strut so that the two pins at the back of the strut slide into the holes at the back of the knuckle.  Make sure that the knuckle goes all the way to the top of the shoulder on the strut.  Double check that the two tabs are at the back.  Pull the bracket down and reattach the bolt you loosened in step two.

Step twelve

Now jack up the wheel knuckle, pushing the strut up into the tower making the bolts visible.  Replace the nuts and tighten.

Step thirteen

Go back under the wheel arch and attach the end link back to the strut.  Tighten with the 16mm wrench behind it.

Repeat on the opposite side.

Move to the back wheels.

Step fourteen

Undo the bolt at the back shock.  Push down on the wheel knuckle and the stock spring will drop down, allowing you to pull it out of the shaft.

Take the top and bottom hat off the stock spring and place the top hat back up into the shaft.

Place the bottom hat onto the H&R spring and slide the spring back into the shaft, making sure that it is secure and doesn’t slip.

Step fifteen

Replace the bolt back onto the shock and tighten.

Repeat on the opposite side.

Make sure that everything is torqued with a torque wrench to the car manufacturers specifications and replace the wheels.

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