There are two types of professionals you can hire to vinyl wrap your car or for installation of other kinds of graphics, labels, tags and inlays. You can hire certified installers or uncertified installers. A professional certified Avery installer will charge a higher fee. You may prefer a noncertified installer to save some money but it will come at a substantial cost. There are some serious benefits of hiring a professional certified Avery installer. Here are five top reasons why you should not hire a noncertified vinyl wrap installer.

• A certified installer is trained and experienced to vinyl wrap your car. This training is extensive. Avery has a stringent certification process. The training is not only comprehensive but it is ongoing. When you hire a professional certified Avery installer, you can be sure of their knowledge and expertise. You can rest assured that the professional is aware of the latest techniques and will do a good job. A noncertified installer may be deft to a certain extent but there is no way of knowing if one is indeed the best or even capable of getting the job done. You would want the vinyl wrap to be perfectly installed. Such impeccability can be expected only from a professional certified Avery installer.

• A professional certified installer will have access to the best types of vinyl wrap. It is no secret that vinyl wraps come in a plethora of variants. It is not just the design that varies, the material and the exact method of installation will also have substantial variances. The costs of vinyl wrap ranges from a couple of thousand to over ten thousand dollars. This should give you an idea of the difference in quality.

• A professional certified installer will also be an assurance that you are getting the quality of vinyl wrap that you are paying for. An Avery installer is effectively representing the brand and hence a custodian of its reliability. An uncertified installer can very well sell you a vinyl wrap of subpar quality and overcharge you.

• Professional certified installers are more knowledgeable than uncertified installers. They would be in a much better position to put forth worthwhile suggestions. If you are looking for advice and from someone who knows more about vinyl wraps than you, then it has to be a certified professional, not any random installer who may or may not have enough knowledge to be a reliable advisor.

• You would get the best warranties when you hire a professional certified Avery installer. You would also be more satisfied. Brands like Avery ensure complete customer satisfaction. Else, you may even get refunds or the job redone.