You will need several tools to install springs. The most common tools you would need are combination wrench set with extensions, pry bar, flat blade screwdriver, safety gloves and glasses, socket wrench set and work light. You should have the socket wrench set verified to ensure it has the required metric or standard before you get on with the job. You will of course need the replacement suspension springs. It is impossible to replace or install springs without proper tools. You should not only have all the tools but they should also be of reliable quality. They should be in impeccable condition. Do not use worn out or damaged tools. They are not only a problem as far as efficiency or efficacy is concerned. They would be a threat to your safety.

• The first reason why you need proper tools to install springs is the need to raise your car or vehicle. You will need to raise the car before you can get started with the task of installing or replacing the springs. You will have to remove the existing springs first. You can raise your car one wheel at a time or you can raise the rear and have the front tires chocked. This will need specific tools. You will need more than one jack stands. You will need the jack you use to support the control arm at the time of removing the springs. Meanwhile, other jack stands should keep the vehicle raised.

• You will need to remove the tire or wheel. This is when the impact wrench, star wench or socket wrench would swing into action. You cannot do this without the necessary tools. You must also be accustomed with the tools so you do not take a really long time to remove the tire or wheel. This is a rather simple part of the whole process.

• You must remove the bolts in the lower control arm. The arm would be attached to the hub of the wheel. Usually, there would be just one bolt. You would have to crank up the lower control arm before you can try and remove the nut and bolt. You will need the jack stand. This is why we highlighted the need for multiple jack stands at the outset.

• Removing other components, if necessary, such as the shocks or old struts, will also require relevant tools and many manufacturers recommend this in old cars.

• Finally, installing new springs will require tools too. There is no alternative to having the right tools and we are not even venturing into the probable complications in the process.