Vinyl wrap is better than painting your car. It is not a matter of opinion or preference. It is simply a fact. You may prefer vinyl wrap over paint or vice versa. Your preference will influence you to make a choice accordingly. If you take a pragmatic stand and truly assess the pros and cons, then you will invariably choose vinyl wrap. Here are five reasons why vinyl wrap is better than painting your car.

• The first reason is cost. The cost of painting or repainting your car can be anywhere between three thousand to over ten thousand dollars. The lowest end of the spectrum is basically the worst quality of paint. Any type of paint can look amazing when it is new. Give it a few months or some extensive use and you will see its real colors. If you go for a vinyl wrap, you are looking at a range of two thousand and five hundred to over five thousand. Spending five grand will offer you a plethora of options and you will get the finest vinyl wrap that can easily stand the test of time for around ten years or longer. Even the average quality of vinyl wraps will give you over four years and these would cost less than the cheapest paints.

• The second reason is perhaps more important than the cost. It is the retention of the original paint. You are probably aware that the paint used by manufacturers, which is the first paint on your car, is the most durable and of the finest quality. Many buyers prefer this original paint. They may or may not like the paint you choose and a vinyl wrap. When you go for vinyl wrap, you can have it removed before you sell the car. You cannot do any such thing with a new coat of paint. The original paint is lost in the process. A vinyl wrap protects the manufacturer’s paint.

• A vinyl wrap can be partial or complete. It can have any design, color, shade or pattern. You can have a car that looks truly unique. This is not as easy with paint. Most people who endorsed vinyl wrap before it was so common wanted to express themselves and found a way. You can do so too.

• Choosing a vinyl wrap means you will have your car delivered back to you much sooner than what a spray paint would demand. You would have to be without your car only for a few days, not even a week. Repainting a car can take even a fortnight.

• Vinyl wrap offers more protection for your car, not just the paint but also the entire exterior from weathering and usual hazards. Vinyl wrap is much easier to maintain than paint.